Odallus: The Dark Call Review

As a person who enjoys exploration and discovery, I found Odallus satisfying. But if I was in a mood to find demons more exciting than doorways, I could easily find it a disappointment.

Oniken Review

Enter Oniken, a videogame developed in the 2010s for people who played videogames in the 1980s, capturing the 8-bit action-platforming era’s essence but smoothing over the flaws nostalgia tends to overlook.

Kentucky Route Zero Review

Kentucky Route Zero is a narrative adventure. It’s a road trip story. It’s a ghost story. It’s a character study. It’s avant-garde theater. It’s an examination of life in the United States after the Great Recession. It’s a love letter to classic PC text adventures. It’s Magical Realism. It’s Southern Gothic. It’s New Weird. It’s weird. Kentucky Route Zero is a lot of things and what you’re going to get out of it depends on how much you’re willing to put into it.

The 5 Must-Own Switch Indies of 2019

I previously wrote a roundup of what I felt were the best Indie videogames released on the Switch up to that point. It’s a year later now with a new year of Indie releases not accounted for on that list, so I am creating this new list. I haven’t played every Indie released on Switch in that time—I am just one man—so this list is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive. Your favorite videogame’s absence is not a deliberate snub, but more likely means I haven’t played it yet. Of the Indies I did play in 2019, these are the five I recommend as most worth your precious time and money.