Gun Crazy Review

Gun Crazy is structurally incoherent and a visual mess. I can’t recommend it at any price.

Xeodrifter Review

If I were to forget why adventure platformers are my favorite videogames, I would only need to sit down with Xeodrifter.

Wulverblade Review

Though its purported goal of representing real history is mostly a gimmick, Wulverblade is a solid and bloody beat ’em up.

Cat Quest II Review

Despite the transformative addition of coop multiplayer, Cat Quest II is more a refinement to its predecessor than an evolution.

Dyadic Review

Dyadic is at its best when it is played as it is intended: by two players, sitting side-by-side, grasping a single controller between them.

Dredge Review

Dredge layers a creepy atmosphere on unique fishing mechanics to create an engrossing and original adventure.