Hauntii Review

Hauntii is pretty to look at and a repetitive slog to play.

Cocoon Review

The less you know about Cocoon going in, the more I believe you will enjoy it.

Thunder Ray Review

Thunder Ray has the essence of a great boxing videogame but is held back by a few minor yet notable flaws.

Venba Review

Venba’s puzzling recipes are nice, but the real reason to play is its heartfelt and sometimes devastating narrative.

inbento Review

inbento is a simple and engaging puzzler that’s perfect for short sessions.

Dyadic Review

Dyadic is at its best when it is played as it is intended: by two players, sitting side-by-side, grasping a single controller between them.

Potion Permit Review

Potion Permit has good puzzle and simulation ideas that are ground down by tedious busywork.

ElecHead Review

ElecHead is a fine puzzle platformer and an impressive debut from its solo developer.