Blasphemous II Review

Blasphemous II is an exceptionally safe sequel to its notably unconventional predecessor.

Disney Illusion Island Review

Disney Illusion Island doesn’t quite grasp the non-linear platforming spirit, but is still a grand time for players of any age.

Gato Roboto Review

Gato Roboto coasts on a charming premise and competently familiar design.

Guacamelee! Review

Guacamelee! is a fantastic change of pace for players who want to add some beat ’em up spice to their non-linear platforming.

Xeodrifter Review

If I were to forget why non-linear platformers are my favorite videogames, I would only need to sit down with Xeodrifter.

Elderand Review

Elderand is competent but does little to subvert my expectations or upset my complacency.

Infernax Review

Infernax is a gory retro platformer overflowing with explorable possibilities.